Touch-Swipeable galleries for Squarespace.

Swipeable Galleries is a plugin for Squarespace.
It makes galleries, slideshows & carousels “swipeable” on touch devices.

Swipeable Galleries for Squarespace adds swipe-left and swipe-right gestures to gallery blocks and summary blocks on any template. It also adds swipeability to “page galleries” on some templates such as Ishimoto, Forte and Brine/Wright-based templates. It adds swipeability to product item galleries in Avenue and Brine/Wright-based templates. A copy of the code is purchased for each site and it can be added by code-injection (or by file upload for "Personal" plans).

If you have any questions, just send a message.


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Swipeable Galleries can be added to any Squarespace site. Once added, it automatically makes every applicable gallery block, summary block and index-page/header gallery on your website swipeable. Use Swipeable Galleries to add left/right swipe gestures to:

  • Gallery blocks set to either “Slideshow” or “Carousel” design style (every template)

  • Summary blocks set to “Carousel” layout style (every template)

  • Index-page/header galleries in the Ishimoto, Forte, & Margot templates (if you use another template with a index-page/header gallery, feel free to ask about it).

  • Product item galleries in Avenue and Brine/Wright-based templates.

(Note: if you’re looking to make the galleries on mobile in the Wells template into a slideshow instead of stacked, see Wells Mobile Slideshow.)



  • Your copy of Swipeable Galleries is paired to the custom domain you specify when you order. Changing your custom domain will cause it to no longer work.

  • The plugin will be disabled for you while you are logged in and editing your website.

  • Mouse-drag (and touchpad swipe/drag) is not supported.

  • Rapid swiping may seem sluggish on galleries; this is due to Squarespace's own gallery mechanics, not Swipeable Galleries.

  • Swipeable Galleries does not change the transition type between images. Galleries that fade between images will still fade, but will also be swipeable.

  • Swipeable Galleries does not change the presentation/layout of galleries. In templates where galleries stack on mobile, they will still stack. Custom CSS may be written to override this, or use a carousel gallery block instead.

  • Microsoft Edge on Windows touch-devices: mouse-dragging on an image within a swipeable gallery will result in the browser becoming confused about pointer state/focus, disabling touch-swipe until the mouse is clicked again. This is an issue with the browser, not the plugin.

  • Some older versions of Firefox Quantum on Windows touch devices: galleries may not be swipeable even using this plugin (this is due to a bug in some versions of that browser).

  • Product item/page galleries on templates other than Avenue and Brine/Wright family of templates aren’t currently supported. But do let me know if you’re using a different template and would like this feature.


The Swipeable Galleries code can be added via Sitewide Header or Footer Code Injection, on Squarespace "Commerce" and "Business" plans or via file management for "Personal" plans.

  1. Your copy will be delivered to you as a text file, via email, within 48 hours of submitting your order.

  2. Add the code:

    • If installing via code injection:

    • Or, if installing via file upload (for "Personal" plans without code injection):

      • Rename the swipeableGalleries .txt file you received to swipeableGalleries-min.js . Be sure the file is named exactly that: swipeableGalleries-min.js

      • Delete the opening and closing <script> and </script> tags (the first and last lines) from the code within the file, and save.

      • Upload the file via file management.

      • Add the following code to a Markdown Block in the footer blocks of your website: <script src="/s/swipeableGalleries-min.js"></script>

    • Or, if using Developer Mode, strip the unnecessary HTML from the script and include it with your scripts (always set "combo='false'" if using <squarespace:script>).

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Please use Swipeable Galleries responsibly: don't bother Squarespace Support with questions related to it.

  • The Squarespace template “Momentum” already has (or is supposed to have) a main page gallery that is swipeable. However, it’s bugged in Chrome on Windows 10. Swipeable Galleries doesn’t address this issue.

If you have any questions, just send a message.

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