Make Squarespace
even better.

We make tools that help you make Squarespace easier to use, more powerful and more enjoyable.

Swipeable Galleries

Swipeable Galleries for Squarespace

Swipeable Galleries for Squarespace automatically makes every applicable gallery block, summary block and index-page/header gallery on your website swipeable.


Fixed Headers & Navigation

Fixit for Squarespace

Fixit makes it easy to control which header elements remain on-screen. Set fixed announcement and navigation bars, on desktop and/or mobile.

Made for Clients, Designers & Developers

These tools were created to solve everyday problems for real customers, designers and developers: more text-editing flexibility, finer control of user-specific permissions, and simplification of the overall content editing experience.

Ultimately, it's about clients having an easier and more enjoyable time in Squarespace, and having a tool that is easy to implement. The time and effort saved in training, troubleshooting and correcting mistakes have been unintended benefits.

If you have questions or suggestions, get in touch.


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